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Tournament Rules


- Number of Players: Seven players per team on the field (six field players, one goalkeeper). A minimum of 5 players to compete. Pro’s and Joe’s Division are Open Divisions.  Check in will begin at 8:00am. Teams must have a roster on file prior to their first game. All players must be registered on their team’s roster prior to participating in any tournament games.

- Uniforms: Teams will be supplied with Tournament Shirts that they will wear for their games, no team shall wear anything other than the tournament supplied shirt.  If both teams are wearing similar colored shirts, pinnies will be provided, AWAY team will be required to change shirts.


- Fields Dimensions: Fields will be approximately 30 yards x 65 yards with mini goals (field may be adjusted according to facility allowance) – goal boxes will be created.

- Games shall be played in accordance to FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications

- No offside and No slide tackling

- Kick Off and Restarts: All kick offs and restarts are indirect kicks.

- Free kicks: All free kicks awarded as a result of a foul are indirect, exception: fouls in the penalty area will be a Penalty Kick

- Ten Yard Rule: In all dead ball situations, kick offs and restarts; defending players must stand at least Ten yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal is within ten yards, the ball shall be placed Ten yards from the goal line within the vicinity of the penalty.

- Substitutions: All field player substitutions may be made on the fly. The player exiting the field may not play the ball once the substituted player has entered the field of play. Goalkeeper substitutions may be made only during dead ball plays and the Referee must be notified prior to change. 

Match Length 

All Matches will be 30 minutes in Length – with no stoppages, clock will run continuous.  


2 Yellow Cards in the tournament means suspension from the tournament 

1 Red Card is an automatic suspension from the tournament 

Appeals will cost $200 and a hearing will be held by Mooredale Disciplinary Committee